Agreed! I wish ppl could start helping us breakdown the BS they've built to keep ppl hypnotized. If they could just stop waiting for a fcking hero to do the work for them and jump in a do something it'll help a lot.

Again a can pull it back to the GATEKEEPERS that's making it near impossible to get the msg out! Like Massey said in the below video... they are like a second layer of government!


Ppl are naive to think that a multi trillion dollar industry and a perfected control mechanism won't have massive funding protection it! All these gatekeepers! You want to tell me that in 4 years they could not chat to Lanka or Cowan or Kaufman... GTFOH! These ppl deserve NO followers.

Thanks for the article Kristen. Don't know where you find the time to do them

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Agreed, and Christine has been a fucking SAINT throughout all of it and I really admire her work. She is solid proof of what can happen when one regular person with a penchant for knowledge and truth is capable of. No grifting, no outside funding, just solid investigative work... and idk how I find the time either!! HAHHAAHAHAHA

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Aug 18, 2023Liked by Kristen Welch

Christine has more integrity in her little finger than the rest of these liars combined.

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