Like sir isO, I am mostly an internet writer. I also serve as a role model for my music students, friends and family, and broader community as someone who does since I do not wear the ritual humiliation/conversion muzzle and do not ingest pharmaceuticals (including any and all jabs).

It is my comprehension that everyone who sincerely seeks truth and freedom has the unique role in working to expose the lies underpinning nearly *all* of what we have been taught by institutions, and therefore by our previous generations who were indoctrinated as such. I tend toward asking questions of people in my day-to-day life rather than proffering what most of them would consider "opinions" in the face of their dogmatic beliefs, in which case they usually dig deeper into their biases and run out to find confirmation.

For myself, as a musician and writer, *creating art* in the world is one way of "being and doing," for our Divine Design IS all about creativity and freedom.

Thank you for sharing your perspectives.

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I studied 'Smart Cities' last year at Amsterdam University. One part of it was a critique of smart cities. The scenario was that you had people in cities who were fed and protected but not free. And outside you had roving gangs of the free who were hungry and somewhat uncivilized.

In what way is removing yourself from the first not part of the second?

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