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Excellent article! You certainly filled in some gaps in my understanding of the plandemic, as well as giving me renewed hope.

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Thank you so much for reading! Happy to help :)

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Indeed a master piece. Since I have read that text in the blog critical check I was sure that DNA is another made up bs and what i think they are really observing are special proteins that serve as antenna for the charge field that carries biological and morphological information about species.

I ditched DNA as soon as I have read the article, but for some time I tried to conceive how protein synthesis really work leaving DNA and RNA behind and I had a lot of trouble, till I found what I think is the actual true answer, and that lies in a new physics theory, called the charge field theory, developed by Miles Mathis, i will leave a link to his site for the interested to read, but in my opinion true genetics is all about charge field information that are anchored through the chromossomes, that are really proteins whose function would be to anchor these informational field and convert it into biophotons, which would then convey directly the information to proteins that make other proteins from the information in this fashion conveyed.


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Thanks so much! I will be sure to take some time this week to look at this alternate theory you are presenting. Appreciate you reading!

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Hi Kristen, did you look into the alternate theory?

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Thanks and have a nice week sister.

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But wait there’s more non-science to be cleared up - read my first Substack article titled:

We breathe air not oxygen

You can leave the whole gaseous exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide out of lung physiology

Yep, in reality the lungs are hydrating the alveoli sac capillaries with saline water, which gets absorbed by the passing RBCs.

Research oxygen toxicity and its easy to see that oxygen is a lung hazard. Prescribed not for breathlessness but for terminal patients.

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Now that is one I haven’t heard yet! I’ll take a look, thank you for sharing more information!

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6. Conclusion

Oxygen, often used to treat hypoxemia in the clinical setting, 👉 is itself a triggering factor 👈 in HALI given that the exposure is sufficiently concentrated and of adequate duration.

The lung is a vulnerable target for oxidant-induced injury, initiating a cascade of protein signals that determine the cellular response. The alveolar epithelial and alveolar capillary endothelial surfaces are injured.

👉Hyperpermeability, microthrombi (resulting from altered coagulation and fibrinolysis), collagen deposition, & fibrosis alter alveolar structure & function👈

Understanding precise mechanisms of injury and pulmonary cellular responses to hyperoxia is essential evidence for expert practice.



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Agreed, but we need some oxygen and breath air to get it, it gets dissolved in the physiologic saline (our whole body is "saline water") that diffuses into the capillaries where the RBCs pick it up. Scuba tanks are 22% to 40% oxygen with the remainder filled in with nitrogen.

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Hi Proton Magic

I don’t think you understand what oxygen is yet.

Air is the starting material.

Air is then dried to remove moisture, compressed and this repeats. When this air reaches 67 parts per million of water contamination it is labelled ‘oxygen’

Oxygen is very very very very very dry air.

Air is measured by its moisture or humidity.

The two can not co-exist, can you see why?

Once released from containment, oxygen gas desires to return to its natural state: moist air.

When oxygen is released inside the lungs, moisture is extracted from the respiratory mucosa and delicate alveoli. This causes micro-clots.

Reactive oxygen species ROS is another name for dehydration.

Research oxygen toxicity and see the symptoms it produces.

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I can agree with everything you have said.

However, in no part of my comment did I say moisture was not inhaled did I? I'm only saying the body needs some oxygen, and "I don’t think you understand what oxygen is yet." is an unnecessary statement to get your point across.

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We need zero oxygen.

Oxygen is a man made product.

It does not occur in nature.

Plants and trees do not make oxygen.

You need a drier and a compressor to make oxygen.

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If the following are as you say only "man-made" & not part of "Nature" pls explain how man made either of these two, and why/how either of these are not part of Nature:

👉Elemental Oxygen: the most abundant element in Earth's crust, and after hydrogen and helium, it is the third-most abundant element in the universe.

👉Dioxygen: At standard temperature and pressure, two atoms of the element bind to form dioxygen, a colorless and odorless diatomic gas with the formula O2. Diatomic oxygen gas currently constitutes 20.95% of the Earth's atmosphere.

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Dear Proton Magic

I hate to break this news to you

THEY lie



This is not a new phenomenon

They lie straight faced about medicine, science, chemistry, physics etc

Our job is to use our God/Good skills to scrutinise and find the Bedrock beneath the sands of THEIR DECEPTIONS.

If you re-read what I’ve written and ponder the characteristics of air versus the characteristics of oxygen

You will see they can’t co-exist.

One is moist

One is extremely extremely extremely extremely extremely dry.

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Stories by the experts

Darn it you win, lol

Have you read how they DEFINED this novel discovered gas? Methods: how they produced oxygen gas?

Did they collect it from a shrub? No they didn’t, lol

My explanation is concise

And logically sound

Oh and testable

Throw a bag over any ‘oxygen’ producing green shrub and collect the ‘oxygen’ it produces. Then test it.

One test for oxygen you can use for your shrub gas is to light a splint, blow it out and then put the splint into shrub gas, if it relights, it’s a positive for oxygen gas.

Photosynthesis is another story ... no oxygen.

You could wander all over the wild with your lit splint, blowing it out and then testing air for oxygen.

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The stuff from Tracey Northern which Cowan discussed is EXCELLENT.

Thanks very much for this, Kris, and Demi!!

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Agreed, and hoping now that Tom has had the discussion that more people will give it credibility.

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Wait, wouldn’t this also mean that all food is GMO-free? No DNA, no genetically modified organisms!

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THIS would be a huge win! However...the chemicals (not wanting to be a Debbie Downer here).

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Alot of things could account for the accompanying symptoms among the vaccinated. We dont even know whats in it . I didnt say Graphene doesn't exist. I am saying to not be like the C.hoaxers we have to prove things using the scientific method .

Nobody trustworthy has found Graphene in the injection except the CIA's RICE university (and the other dodgy UN place). So without evidence its just the Graphene meme ( that was released and spread like the Qanon).

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Thank you! And I thank Demi Pietchell for introducing me to your work! Excellent 👏

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I KNOW FOR A FACT they cannot prove paternity... And why they use a percentage. And, ALL of it comes from the maternal side...Good stuff!

But, DNA 🧬.... perhaps it's unidentifiable due to being our divine link/soul 🤔😉I can't recall the miniscule number the soul weight is represented and leaves upon passing ...

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Good story. What are your medical qualifications?

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Before I give you any of them, can you first answer this for me: why does anyone need medical qualifications to research or put pieces together? Are autodidacts not allowed? Does a piece of paper denoting time being indoctrinated or money spent keeping up on certs mean something important? What is with the appeal to credentialism?

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Because a person with medical credentials would have an understanding and knowledge of biology and make educated informed conclusions. A non medical person would make assumptions without understanding.

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That’s where we can agree to disagree… credentials do not necessarily mean that someone has been properly informed or educated. Much of “education” is just rote memorization and repeating and regurgitating the same pseudoscience that has been widely (and erroneously) accepted as the truth or as factual. Is it all completely worthless? No, I don’t think so. But typically, the longer someone spends in establishment medical schools, the deeper the brainwashing tends to go.

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Said by a non medical person and non medically qualified person

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Lol, so called virologists have literal medical credentials yet believe in something non existent 😂. Do you not understand that the more educated one is, the more indoctrinated they are?

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"Because a person with medical credentials would have an understanding and knowledge of biology and make educated informed conclusions."

Knowledge about biology? Those credentialed individuals erroneously regard bacteria as predators & parasites. They "believe" in viruses. They believe biological bodies can be contagious. They believe illnesses & diseases can be contagious.

Knowledge? You mean indoctrinated with misinformation. The more credentialed you are, the more misinformed you are. Sincerely.

Science-based healthcare is listed as the #3 leading cause of death and it wasn't even in the Top 10 back in 1900. That kind of education & knowledge ain't worth knowing, pal. And the people who tout it ain't worth trusting. Think about it.

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I do agree with some of your reply but you can’t go around telling ppl that there is no science. That just makes you sound loony. Not everything warrants a foil hat.

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No such statement was written by me. It's not that there is no science, it's that much of what is presented to us as "science" is nothing but pseudoscience.

Appeal to Authority, Experts, and Consensus is to be strictly avoided. Doubt everything you've taken for granted with blind trust.

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Believe me I do not subscribe to everything that the scientists of late have tried to sell. Ive been in medical field for 45+ years and only recently ( since 2021) have I fully questioned the crap they are pushing. It is now politicized and for an agenda so they can control. Been in the works for decades but full throttle since 2021. You non medical people saying educated ppl are indoctrinated discredits you.

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I agree with most of that I think (it's what I've thought for a while, maybe two years or so).

But I don't trust DPL. Yeah I know don't hang it on the messenger concentrate on the message but I just can't help thinking that DPL is up to no good.

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so if there's no "DNA" how do children get the genetic characteristics ... like eye color...height...intelligence...of their parents? what do you call the molecular cells that obviously show up in similar physical characteristics of parents and children / siblings? so rapists and murderers who were identified by "DNA" and then confessed when confronted with that evidence were all falsely confessing?

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What do you mean by genetic characteristics?

FYI no one has really proven what is mechanism behind children getting some features from their parents.

Also what do you mean by intelligence?

Can you prove that intelligence is hereditary?

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can I prove intelligence is hereditary...that's easy...obviously both of your parents were morons

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Ahh, little Richard Norwood is emotionally triggered and resorts to ad hominem.

Obviously cognitive dissonance and projection are strong with you.

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The FACT is: it ALL comes from the maternal side, particularly the grandma.

* Why do you never see 100% on paternal side? Answer: they are presumed

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K so I bookmarked this page and will delve this weekend as I am a little desperate to have a full understanding here. I'm loaded down with plenty of bits and pieces on subject but not a single source unless Dr Tom Cowan told me stuff I didn't retain. Unfortunately almost the entirety of freedom docs waited till Armageddon to retire and fill us in so info is still trickling in. I want to cuss. If I sound like I hate loving them I've no choice but to love them I just hate that. Pathetic I'm learning what I can about it from random strangers but I gotta try. I swear you start talking about viruses I'm working my phone over with a sledgehammer. Then I'll get a new phone and apologize to you for sounding so preposterous even if my suspicions were on point. And why does auto correct always revert to we're when I type were!? Son of uh. If it doesn't work out it isn't you it's me after learning so much from oh whomever. But I'm confident again I'm on the right track this time and you'll recognize me for my exceeding charm and complimentary disposition and we'll enjoy lighthearted chat every few months and you'll say That Tim he's really something jeez. For now Substack has me hacked off after an hr of pecking disappeared and learned chats are only accessible through Google play. WTF's up w/dat. You're obviously a lovely person after reading for 10 seconds so let me know what I should write 100 times on the chalk board I have that coming. Or I'll sleep out in the pouring rain if you say that's the way it ought to be. I love you so much!😭

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I dont know what is in the injection.

I do know I do not trust the "Graphene in shot" untruth spreaders @ University of Almería or any of their associates.

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LQC are not the only ones to report this finding. Also, are you familiar with what happened to Noack?

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This guy ? They said he die in 2021 and he did papers in '22 https://dblp.org/pid/n/AndreasNoack.html

Yes other groups ran the same meme.

Just because there was a media story of a Graphene club man dying( you dont know if he has had a heart attack and actually is dead) does not mean it has Graphene in it. Certain psych profiles of conspiracy theorist will believe anything if the person is said to have suffered a mossad( heart attack). Fear shuts off reasoning.

I know a local microbiologist that first agreed with them "it LOOKS like graphene oxide" then backtracked as any decent scientist would if they had not isolated a substance.

Has anyone you know done a breakdown ( and of many samples of it)? If we dont use the scientific method like we wanted them to use, then we become in danger of becoming hypocrites.

No one I know knows whats in the shot.

I am ok saying I dont know whats in it.

There is no reason to take it, the whole thing(convid)is a fraud .

Its in the past, its good to bust up the germ hypothesis that will be useful for humanity, but knowing who they are (and the cause of dis-ease) I think would be more useful.

Sorry I dont mean to sound rude when I disagree ... its mercury retrograde and call me the monkey on the skateboard. I probably shouldn't talk till the 15th.haha

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You have a well-earned amount of skepticism. No need to apologize, asking questions is how we keep everyone intellectually honest. I will say that graphene doesn’t need to be put in a Petri dish full of toxic ingredients and exposed to extreme heat/cold to demonstrate it exists. The link to Demi Pietchell’s article shows how Rice University played with the stuff and explained some of its properties. However, I am also ok with admitting that I am just connecting dots and haven’t seen the stuff under a microscope myself. Perhaps we will never know!

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And its ok we actually know so little. The first step in knowing is to know that we do not know.

Rice university ? Trust them as far as I can throw them. This is a case of the CIA business "explained it". (I note the CIA head Burns also "explained" the Twitter war there) . I havent read Demi's article on it but I see a major problem with her source (Rice University).

We cant just see it under microscope to know what it is . You cant just look at graphene oxide under a microscope to know it is graphene. We dont want the end result just a picture of an exosome/cell breakdown (and call it a "sars cov2/virus").

Peace + Love

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The difference would be that no one is claiming that graphene is a biological material that would need to be subjected to the same ridiculous experiments that alleged viruses/DNA need to in order to demonstrate they are there. Graphene and graphene oxide are used in a variety of things, and you can see that they exist. It also has magnetic and conductive properties which would account for some of the accompanying symptoms among the vaccinated. I cc

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Hi Kristen, it may be a shock to you but the discoverers of "graphene" themselves state that graphene is a hypothetical material only inferred by electronic characteristics. Yes, that is just as much magic as saying DNA makes genes, the original papers here


So no, "it" may not exist as advertised.

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LQC also did not use a normal microscope, but a RAMAN spectroscope


well, if you scroll down, you can read the following:

"Material Characterization

In material science, Raman provides insights into the molecular structure, crystallinity, stress, and temperature of materials. For instance, it’s extensively used to differentiate between the forms of carbon, like graphene, graphite, and carbon nanotubes, providing details about their structural and electronic properties."

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And also here


you can read:


It is an indispensable technique in nanotechnology research and development. It enables the characterization and analysis of nanomaterials, such as nanoparticles, nanotubes, and graphene.

Raman spectroscopy provides insights into the size, shape, structure, and surface properties of nanomaterials, aiding in their synthesis, functionalization, and optimization for various applications."

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Unfortunately, you are completely wrong, because they admit it themselves!!!

https://phmpt.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/125742_S1_M4_4.2.1-vr-vtr-10741.pdf - page 7 at 3.4.

and here

Dr. Patricia Aprea, Director of Evaluation and Control for ANMAT in Argentina, had ALREADY 2021 to admit on the record that the shots contain graphene!!


We must therefore assume that this harmful material is also used in other so-called “vaccinations”! And we know that it can damage the entire organism!!!

https://web.archive.org/web/20230102232356/https://eprints.bmsu.ac.ir/2499/1/Toxicity%20of%20carbon-based%20nanomaterials%20Reviewing%20recent%20reports%20in%20medical%20and%20biological%20systems.pdf - https://maryann255.substack.com/p/the-truth-is-always-on-the-other-347

And that this is the case can be seen here very clearly from page 30 onwards!!!


....together with the other toxic-chemical and absolutely harmful substances


Best regards and wishes to you, your family and all the others here!

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This is a thorough analysis of the papers purporting RNA in the shots to date (Oct '23). I suggest anyone interested in this topic save this post to HD.


The evidence for RNA in shots is very indirect and inconclusive to say the least.

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