Midgard Moon Farm

Welcome to the section for my store! In addition to writing and covering the topics that mean the most to me, I am also an avid horticulturalist and homesteader. Over the years, my love for growing has led me to start a seed-saving operation as well as create natural homemade products that I support and trust. I know where everything I sell came from, and I am able to do it without grifting people out of insane amounts of money. Support a small business with traditional values and check out the shop at the LINK HERE

Here are some photos from around the garden and homestead that I’d like to share:

My youngest is my biggest helper in the garden!
A shot from the south end of my garden
From one of the local seed swaps, an event that I began for the community back in spring of 2022 and has since grown to include a variety of other local groups!
The California Desert is home to the Joshua Tree and as you can see, are gorgeous when they are in full bloom!
Family is everything! Teach them young the importance of hard work!
My plants and products are award-winning quality! These were brought home in 2023 from the local fair