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Interview with DPL and Medicine Girl Robin Stebbins

Kristen and DPL join Robin to get her story and go into detail about the Vitamin D scam. We explore additional relevant paradigms such as other supplements, the need to call out anyone who ignores this information or blows it off, and state control over vaccine exemptions, among other topics.

Read the article and listen to the interview HERE

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Weaponized News: August 22, 2023

Kristen appears as a guest on this edition of Weaponized News with Sam Chaney. In this video, we discuss the One Health surveillance program, public health issues, vaccines and the reasons we don’t need them, germ theory vs terrain theory, freedom under natural law, occult health history and more. You can watch on Bitchute HERE. Watch on YouTube HERE. Watch on Rumble HERE.

The Starfire Codes Podcast S1.17: Exposing Lies and Misconceptions Behind Illness

Hosts Demi Pietchell and Kristen Welch welcome Mike Stone of ViroLIEgy on The Starfire Codes to unveil the truth behind common illnesses, electromagnetic influence on human health, and the deceptive world of the science and healthcare industries. Watch on The Starfire Codes website by clicking HERE.

The Starfire Codes S1.02: The History of the Healthcare Industry

Demi Pietchell and Kristen Welch talk about the history of modern medicine and how practices have been altered in the past 100+ years, including public policy manipulation and the curriculum subversion which led to widespread indoctrination into a new petroleum driven money-making paradigm. Watch on The Starfire Codes website by clicking HERE.

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The Fallacies in the Peer Review Process

Check out this impactful video presentation that was viewed by students and faculty at the Maharishi University for Consciousness. This presentation takes a look at the peer review process, including the financial and institutional ties, numerous retractions, personal bias, peer review rings, and the reciprocity crisis. You can watch on Bitchute HERE. Watch on YouTube HERE. Watch on Rumble HERE.

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School Boards and Pseudoscience

In this short video, Kristen attends a local school board meeting where tyrannical mandates and some pertinent email correspondences from a district health official who also happens to be a member of the board. Watch on Bitchute HERE.

The Natural Freedom League- Episode #66: Freedom of Information

Kristen sits down with John Roeland and Will Keller of the Natural Freedom League to discuss her discovery of Christine Massey’s FOI request work regarding virus isolation, as well as her own journey in the FOI process and involvement in local activist groups. Watch on Bitchute HERE.